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Support for KASPERSKY Anti-virus:

Keeping your computer protected from viruses and other harmful software should always be your priority. Once infected with a virus, not only is your computer at risk but even your life can get affected as viruses can steal private information. There are quite a lot of antivirus programs on the market which offer fail-safe solutions for all types of malicious software. Among them, Kaspersky Antivirus has managed to establish its credentials the most.

Formerly referred to as AntiViral Toolkit Pro, Kaspersky Antivirus is designed to provide complete protection from all types of malware. This includes threat detection and removal of viruses, adware, keyloggers, worms, spyware and rootkits. Developed by Kaspersky Lab, the program has been designed to run on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. With expert Kaspersky AntiVirus Support, you can now get even more out of this antivirus software. We help you achieve that…

Techinq support for KASPERSKY Anti-virus includes:

Installing Kaspersky Anti-virus on your system.
Configuring Kaspersky Anti-virus as per system needs.
Scanning and cleaning of infected and melicious files that can harm your computer.
Updating latest virus defination.

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    Brand we support:
    Macfee, Nortan, Panda, Trend micro, AVG, Avast etc…..

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