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Internet Explorer has always been the preferred choice of millions of devoted users, all around the world. Even in the face of renewed competition from Mozilla, Chrome and others, IE still continues to go strong. However, that does not make it completely free of errors as vulnerabilities have been exposed of late, along with problems related to installation, performance and security. If you have a problem with your Internet explorer, you may not be able to fully enjoy the Internet (or access it at all). TECHINQ can help. Ask us about installing the most up-to-date Internet Explorer upgrade, or helping set up Internet Explorer parental controls for you.

Whatever your browser problems may be, we’re here to fix them. Along with what we’ve mentioned, one of our Personal Technology Experts can also help you with:

  • Internet Explorer Crashes/Freezes/Hang-ups
  • Performance Issues
  • Script Errors
  • Third Party Interruptions
  • Upgrade Problems

We're here 24/7 to support you with our best and certified tech experts who will resolve all your problems- big or small. There is no need to go out or invite strangers to your home for any problem of your computer. Just call TECHINQ IT SERVICE and we will handle everything. Its very easy. After you call, one of our tech expert will assist you with all your problems. Our tech experts will start remotely scanning your computer and will fix it perfectly. You're free to just sit back and relax after we start as your problem is our problem.


  • Immediate professional help by Certified Engineers.
  • Comprehensive 24/7 Online Support at an unbeatable price
  • Remote assistance for swift and complete solutions
  • Speedy recovery of any INTERNET EXPLORER issue
  • Unlimited tech support
  • Ready to help anytime, anywhere.

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