Q) What is TECHINQ?
      TECHINQ is an online technical support, which provides online remote support for home and small business at an affordable price with excellent service. Our technical experts are well experienced and they deal with all kind of software issues on daily basis.

Q) What type of service does TECHINQ offers?
     We provide online remote, chat, e-mail and phone technical support to the customers directly. We provide technical support for all kind of software issues that may arise in your computer – small or big.
 All you need to do is, just trust us and call 1-888-612-5666 and speak with our technical expert and get your problem resolved instantly.

Q) Are you 24*7 available?
    Yes, we are working 24*7 to provide you with cutting edge support. As all the technicians working in Techinq are full time technicians, so we are always ready to provide you with premium technical support for your computer.

Q) How you provide support?
     Techinq provide support in many different ways according to your wish. When ever you need technical support for computer, simply to you need to call us on 1-888-612-5666, speak with our tech expert. Allow them to take remote access of computer, and just sit at back and see a virtual technician working on the screen. Other than online remote access which needs internet connection, we also provide support via email, chat or on phone. That means no matter, wherever you are, you can get premium technical support anytime, anywhere…..

Q) Is remote access technology GOOD and SAFE?
     Yes ofcourse, Remote access is one of the best technologies to work with. Because you simply have to allow our technical experts to take access of you computer, you can sit at back and relax. Every thing that a technical expert will do on your computer, you can have a look of that. You can see, learn by just sitting back. More over you don’t have to be over the phone every time, nor you have to follow instructions which sometimes become difficult. Ofcourse if a technician can take a look of exact problem; it becomes easy for them to fix it. yes it is secured because everything goes in front of you and you can monitor everything.

Q) What are the modes of contact?
     Our online technical support service includes phone technical support, chat support or email support.

Q) What are all the products supported?
      We provide computer support including all peripherals like printer, scanner, copier, external harddisk etc. that require software support with computer.

Q) Do you provide hardware replacement or onsite service?
     NO, we do not provide any kind of hardware replacement or onsite service support.

Q) How can I get in touch with you?
    It’s very simple. Just dial 1-888-612-5666 or log on to our website www.techinq.com to access our online service page or e-mail us on info@techinq.com

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