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The name Avast is a backronym of "Anti-Virus – Advanced Set". Avast anti-virus is one of the leading Anti-virus Software in the world. Best part with Avast Anti-virus is, it also provide protection against spyware. Avast has all features which a goog Anti-virus software should have. It also provide real-time protection for computer from online threats. Avast conmes in Free version (for home and non-commercial use) and PRO version for Business and commercial use. Avast Anti-virus runs on Windows and Linux platform. Avast has over 165 million user worldwide as of October 2011.

Here at Techinq, we  make sure that with our comprehensive support for AVAST Anti-virus will make sure that your computer will work best with Avast Anti-virus. Our Tech experts are highly trained and certified. We will make sure that what ever problem you are facing with Avast Anti-virus, will be take care in single call. From virus removal to system tune up, we are the one who will take care of it.

Techinq Support for Avast Anti-virus includes::

Setting and installing Avast Anti-virus as per your system configuration.
Removal of anykind of threats by running Full scan.
Optimising the performance of system.
Updating latest virus definations.
Scheduling scan as per your need i.e. daily, weekly.
Making your system risk free and optimised as never before.

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    We also take care of Nortan, Panda, AVG, Mcafee, bit defender etc….

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