About Us
Techinq, started in January 2012, is focused on providing high quality computer maintenance
services to Household clients. Techinq, offers web based support for computers and connected peripherals.

Techinq is currently present in 4 Countries namely USA, UK and Canada. With effective application of latest technologies like secure remote access and aided with over 15 years of IT industry experience, Techinq is constantly creating new frontiers for cost effective computer maintenance solutions.

We, at Techinq understand that qualified, trained, experienced and service-oriented staff is a primary requirement for offering world-class computer repair services to its clients. We pride ourselves in having an expert team of professionals who provide Computer Care Solutions with great passion. Our team of technical experts is equipped to handle all PC related problems, be it hardware or software and provide premium quality pc maintenance services.

Techinq provides support through multi-channels for Desktop and Laptop Computers. Remote
support is provided through chat, email and phone by qualified and experienced professional.
Disclaimer:Techinq is an independent provider of on demand Technical support. Techinq do not represent or affiliated with any third party or company. Images and name are just for referral purpose. Jeweled with certified technicians, Techinq provide on demand technical support for computer and software related issues. Call now to get premium tech support.
Registered Office: 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4525 Valley Cottage, NY 10989
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